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Petromarine Uganda

Petromarine Services & Engineering Ltd is an affiliation to Petromarine South Africa, a South African based firm and with the primary focus on providing high value, dedicated and professional services to the Energy, Power and Marine Industries. The company has identified a niche market within these sectors for the provision of services to the industry.

Our services include vessel agency and management, procurement, contract negotiations, logistics management and project management. With the Eskills and expertise at our disposal, Petromarine is able to offer support services in capital projects within these industries.

Petromarine has offices in Kampala, Uganda, Cape Town, Durban, Mosselbay and have associations in Port Elizabeth, East London, Richards Bay, Mozambique, Angola and Walvis Bay.

Our strong team and customized approach is driven by identifying opportunities and synergies and facilitating realization of these opportunities for the benefit of our clients.

We are doers and the definition in the Oxford English Dictionary aptly describes us… “A person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking”


• Deal Facilitation
• Vessel Agency
• Procurement and Project Controls
• Logistics Management
• Expediting Services
• Provision of Container Units
• Brokers of Rigs, Vessels and Helicopters
• Brokers of Equipment and Materials
• Operations Management
• Oil & Gas Trading
• Business Support Services


Site Operational management of staff / drivers & employees for heavy truck & light vehicles carrying out daily reviews & debriefs on tasks/activities.
Conducting Safety Health & Environment training & Tool Box Talk for workers & drivers of light & heavy vehicles.
Supervision of Rig Movement & management/Truck Pushing, facing Casing & Tube Deliveries, Oversized Equipment Deliveries.
Provision of Heavy Lifting equipment’s , excavators for oil & gas sector, warehousing & storage of pipes & equipments
Convoy management/Cargo Movement, Route survey & load Risk assessment, Accident /Incident Investigation & reporting. Safe Vehicle Recovery & monitoring, Motor Vehicle inspection, Equipment Inspection/service and maintenance among others.
Provision of Road Construction Equipment’s and machinery, Supply of personal protective equipment’s for oil & gas


When it comes to transportation of extremely large, over size or heavy equipment, our customers face challenges especially, when its line pipes, tubing, drilling and rig equipment, supplies, drilling fluid, bulky cargo, and similar commodities. It is essential to ensure safe delivery to the destination with precise attention to details. Our experienced teams will communicate with each site in advance to understand the specific delivery requirements of that location. That way, we ensure that the proper equipment is provided.
Our team handles line pipe orders daily that require stringing services. We contract with several partners that can provide tow capable stringing trucks to deliver to ROW as well as stretch equipment to handle Triple Random and Quad Random lengths of a pipe if necessary.


Constantly growing track flows and associated track jams hinder productivity and affects business. With our team of road Engineers, we will plan, design, carry out feasibility studies and economic viability to solve these challenges in a forward looking manner with comprehensive planning and collaboration with relevant authorities.
Our range of services will include: installation of Moving and stationary track management system,
planning for design and construction of motor ways, Trunk and urban roads, installation of Track management systems, construction of Park & ride facilities, Road safety/track protection, dimensioning and partitioning of parking space and labelling, Telematics/convoy parking, Track management during construction phase.


To address needs of oil and gas companies, as they prepare to explore, carry out seismic surveys for oil, drilling of oil, movement and installation of oil rigs and equipment and finally to participate in the production of oil and installation of the refinery. We are prepared to provide the one stop solution that addresses the needs of all oil and gas contractors.

To provide operational management, capability, capacity and talent that meet and exceed the oil and gas standards so that oil companies have flawless operations meeting health, safety and environment requirements. Site Operational management of staff / drivers and employees for heavy truck and light vehicles carrying out daily reviews and debriefs on tasks/activities.
To Conduct Safety Health and Environment training & Tool Box Talk for workers & drivers of light & heavy vehicles on daily basis.
Supervision of Rig Movement and management/Truck Pushing, facing Casing and Tube Deliveries, Oversized Equipment Deliveries.
Provision of Heavy Lifting equipment’s, excavators for oil and gas sector, warehousing and storage of pipes and equipment
Convoy management/Cargo Movement, Route survey and load Risk assessment, Accident /Incident Investigation and reporting,
Safe Vehicle Recovery and monitoring, Vehicle Service and maintenance among others.
Supply of personal protective equipment’s for oil and gas.

Handling of Bulky, large, and hard-to-stack cargo requires special handling, high volumes of carrier capacity, and robust transportation management. We will deploy our division of flatbed capabilities and heavy haul transportation solutions, we can arrange heavy, wide, long and over-dimensional machinery shipments of any complexity.

We know that large equipment and supplies when moving to remote areas require accurate handling, special permits, and on-time delivery. We intend to offer convenient transportation management system with escorts or survey trucks as you focus on your business needs.


It goes without saying that the construction industry cannot do without the expertise of civil engineers. Our team of expert civil engineers will ensure that they develop concepts, design, carry out economic viability, feasibility studies and surveys, project planning, carry out geological and hydrological studies before commencement and shall collaborate with our partners and stakeholders.
Our portfolio of service will also include repair and maintenance, designs for structures that are already in operation as well as the planning of new construction projects.
The following shall be provided in greater context: construction and design of bridges, troughs, Support structures, Platforms, Temporary bridges and structures, Reservoirs, Dams, Retaining walls, Specialist underground work.


With our team of experienced engineers, we will plan and manage challenging infrastructure and complex projects by collaborating with our relevant stakeholders so that decisions taken are localized and meet the demands of the customers and local authorities.
Our planners will develop criteria’s that will address all outstanding issues from building materials to integration in the surrounding area, in conformity with relevant regulations that address safety.
Besides that our planners are equipped with the best expertise in order to manage abstract, highly complex processes, as well as forecast risks
Our stakeholders shall rely on: Environmental planning and management, Land use planning, Development planning, Business parks, buildings, Educational Centres, Planning permissions, Infrastructures, Fire stations, Schools, Technical facilities, Workshop buildings, residential buildings, Factories and industrial buildings, Health centers/hospitals


We understand fast and convenient product delivery is critical to business. With our Logistics Division, we will ensure on time delivery at the right temperatures for your products by using our shipping network and tracking capabilities.
Consumer packaged goods include food, beverages, clothes, makeup, household goods, and more. We will focus on:
Effective, reliable, on-time delivery, Freight consolidation and optimization, Extensive dry van network, Expedited services, Visibility and track and trace capabilities, managing billing and payments needs.


We understand that there is a necessity for specially equipped facilities to keep and process over-sized supplies and hazardous materials, and it is often hard for businesses to maintain warehouses on their own.
We will assist with pipe storage, processing or inspection needs. Our teams will work with our network of storage and inspection facilities, heat treating facilities, coating plants and threading facilities and mechanics.


We are committed to ensuring that our operations irrespective of location adhere to occupational health, safety and environment and that all risks or hazards to employees are mitigated and our suppliers and customers who are involved in our operational activities or tasks commit to complying to this mandatory requirement. This shall be achieved by setting standards, creating systems, policies, and procedures for identifying, evaluating, mitigating safety hazards and occupational health and environmental risks.

PETROMARINE SERVICES & ENGINEERING Ltd recognize the fact that Health, Safety, Security and Environment is at the same level as other critical business functions and desires to establish and uphold a record in HSSE performance that it can be proud of.

Meet the Team

Mr. Malwa Muzamiru

Technical Director Operations

Tumwine Osbert Carl

Director Finance

Wagogo Ramadhan

Executive Director

Keith Kitungulu Bbosa

Director Operations


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