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Petromarine has identified a niche market within the oil & gas and marine sectors for the provision of services to the industry. Most of the services currently offered in this sector are predominantly provided by foreign companies and lacks true local content. The vision of Petromarine is to provide these services whilst building on local capacity in South Africa and the African continent by empowering local companies through the established relationship of Petromarine and its affiliates with many of the international companies. 

We facilitate transactions by linking buyers and sellers in the energy and marine industries. 

We bring buyers and sellers together and thus facilitate between buyer and seller. We can also furnish market information regarding prices, products, and market conditions through our affiliated network.

The advantage of using us is that we research the market and have already established relations with a range of international parties. We also have the tools and network to reach the largest possible base of buyers or sellers. We also screen the interested parties prior to introduction. Due to our vast network in a variety of industries, we can source partners and suppliers in any industry and across a broad spectrum of activities.

Through our network with various companies and governments, we are able to promote and drive specific affiliated services as part of a range of comprehensive service offering.


Petromarine’s range of services includes vessel agency services. We are registered with South African Association of Ship Operators and Agents (“SAASOA”) and are represented in Cape Town, Durban, Saldanha Bay and Mosselbay directly and through our sub-agents elsewhere.  We provide a full range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Inward and outward clearance
  • Ships husbandry
  • Bunkering
  • Supply of stores and provisions to vessels
  • Cargo supervision and tally
  • Ship repair management i.e. drydocking
  • Continuous liaison with immigration and port authorities
  • Arranging inspections and condition surveys of vessels
  • Arrange berths for Vessels;
  • Provide for the payment of port charges  and  any  dues  payable  in  respect  of  a Vessel; 
  • Arrange for the supply of  fuel,  water,  provisions  and  deck  and
  • arrange for any repairs  required  to  be  done  to  a  Vessel; 
  • Take charge of  and  arrange  solicitation  of  and  booking  of  cargo 
  • Issue bills of  lading  and  other  similar  documents  to  shippers  in  the  form prescribed  by  the  Principal; 
  • Arrange for  stevedoring  and  other  cargo  handling  operations; 
  • Arrange for  the  delivery  of  cargo  in  accordance  with  the  bills  of  lading  issued by  or  on  behalf  of  a  Principal;  
  • Attend to  all  matters  appertaining  to  the  crew  of  a  Vessel,  including  in particular,  engaging,  the  signing  on,  signing  off  and  repatriation  of  crew; 
  • Perform such other activities and duties in connection with the foregoing functions as may be requisite thereto;
  • Attend to  the  vessels  cargo  load  and  /  or  discharge  operations  in  accordance with  principals  instructions  and  in  conjunction  with  policies  of  the  port  authorities  and     
  • Off port attendance via launch of helicopter

Our expert personnel can perform short or long term assignments and also offer a fully managed service or assignment of individuals or teams to work with client organisations. Our service is underpinned by our information systems and wealth of data. By focusing on understanding the requirements and objectives of our clients, we can provide effective solutions to issues that arise during the course of project developments. We also act as a procurement centre for a number of companies and source the required materials, services and equipment on their behalf.


Procurement Services

  • Measurement of work/material quantities
  • Preparation of Schedules of Rates
  • Development of tender packages
  • Issuing and monitoring of Tenders
  • Tender evaluation and “what if”scenario modelling
  • Pricing of variations
  • Approximate quantity models
  • Quantity audits
  • Monthly valuations
  • Site teams management
  • Progress measurement
  • Quantity aspects of claims and disputes

Contracts Consultancy

  • Development of contracting / procurement strategies
  • Vendor pre-qualifications / market testing
  • Preparation of bid / tender documentation
  • Management of bid / tender process
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contracts drafting
  • Contracts administration
  • Preparation of contracting guidelines and procedures
  • Audit and review of contractual documentation
  • Claims preparation / dispute resolution
  • Arbitration support

Project Controls

  • Audit and review of project cost plans
  • Project cost control
  • Project cost reporting
  • Value engineering facilitation
  • Cost risk analysis
  • Data consolidation
  • Change control
  • System integration
  • Management of reimbursable contracts


  • Independent project estimates
  • Estimate assurance
  • Development of work breakdown structures
  • Change order evaluations
  • Material escalation estimates / benchmarking

Most companies engage freight forwarding companies to undertake their logistics management, thereby limiting the opportunity on maximising the logistics service.  Petromarine, through its affiliations with most of the freight forwarding companies and a worldwide network with other operators and companies, is able to coordinate the logistics service through effective management thereof and providing a comprehensive service to any client.

Depending on the nature and volume of the work, Petromarine will either appoint a dedicated project manager or a relationship manager to ensure that all the clients’ issues are being dealt with.  Due to our open structure of operation, at any point in time if there is any problem, this can be escalated to the highest level to ensure immediate attention.  To date, this has not been exercised, thereby reflecting the commitment of our team.

Companies generally award contracts for manufacture and fabrication of engineering items and in most cases there is no system of monitoring such fabrication and manufacturing.  Through our involvement in numerous large scale projects, we have found that the client is dependent on the contractor for progress reports on such programmes, even though such programmes are usually agreed on prior to contractual finalisation.  Historically we have found that in more than 90 percent of cases that the contractor is always delayed in delivery and always provide acceptable reasoning for such delays that the client has to accept.

It is understood that these delays result in major cost overruns at the expense of the client due to the impact on other areas of the scheduled project operations.  We have hence implemented a program for continuous monitoring and expediting of such fabrication and manufacturing with a reporting structure to keep the client continuously informed of the progress of such work which thus results in proper schedule management and enormous cost savings.

Petromarine acts as brokers of rigs and vessels serving the international offshore oil and gas industry through its worldwide affiliations. The affiliation network is being expanded with a number of major oil & gas companies.

Our network includes national and independent oil companies, offshore operators and contractors, offshore vessel owners and charterers, shipyards, aviation companies and salvage companies.

We provide our clients with broking services for acquisition of new vessels, chartering of vessels for short or long term periods through our partnerships and sales and purchase of offshore assets. We also have relationship agreements for the provision of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

As our drive is in the various energy sectors, we endeavour to focus our business with our partners in offering the services of our affiliations and ensure that these services are administered by ourselves so that the relationship with the client is always managed.

Petromarine has established relationships with most of the manufacturers of DNV Offshore Units for the rental and sales of such units for the African market.  In light of the demand that has been established, Petromarine has secured representation in South Africa a number of international container companies and Petromarine attends to local representation.

On completion of most projects, there are normally large amounts of surplus equipment and materials which in most cases represent a reasonable financial cost.  It is costly for companies to retain this inventory and also to maintain such inventory until required again.

Petromarine offers a cost effective management for the disposal of surplus project material through our affiliations and network of key industry players involved in projects around the world.  We offer a range of solutions, to maximise the return on such investments.

In an effort to unlock funds tied up in excess materials, Petromarine strives to reduce client costs in holding material and maintenance thereof as well as reducing storage costs.  We are in the process of establishing storage yards at key centres for material, equipment and spares.

We offer a number of services, from the direct purchase of surplus materials to marketing materials through our affiliates, to our vast network of companies and fabricators, many of which may have supplied the materials in question originally. The client can then review and accept the most favourable bids in each product category. We collate and catalogue the material lists, verify the certification and issue the material details. We take care of all these areas for you. We charge a nominal fee for this service and take a percentage of the sales value, so it is in our interests to receive the highest bids for your material and equipment.

We provide support services for any operations in built-up and remote locations. Our services include facilitating equipment and movement, camp establishment services, logistics management, waste management, warehouse management, equipment storage/handling and fluids and bulk management. Various requirements can be integrated into a service bundle for support work, including logistics management and inventory management.

Petromarine is geared to provide the services necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the planning and execution of operations.

These services include, but not be limited to, project management services, engineering services, equipment procurement and service contracting services, logistical management services, operations supervision, administration and support services.

The strategy adopted in providing these services are planned to be performed in four phases as follows:

  • Preliminary Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Operations Phase
  • Close-Out Phase

Through our affiliations with companies in the Middle East and Far East, Petromarine is able to offer brokerage services for the acquisition or sale of refined fuels, bitumen, etc.  This is primarily dealt with through our trading partners.

Our additional services includes the facilitation and provision of meet and assist services, accommodation and hotel bookings, expedient visa and work permit applications and any other service required in order to alleviate your hassles, allowing you to focus on your primary business.